Who are GameNation South Africa and what do we offer?

GameNation South Africa launched in October 2013 and is dedicated to publishing news on the latest video games, reviews, gaming hardware and other awesome gaming news that will start a conversation and bring local and international gamers together.

GameNation South Africa provides a few great tips and services for our readers, including:

  • Gaming Tips
    Do you need help with a game because you chose the wrong path ( One-on–One Walkthrough)
  • Event Updates
    We provide live feeds from Expos & Conferences like RageExpo to Call Of Duty Tournaments.
  • Game Design & Development
    We find the best in Game Design and Development programs for South Africans as well as the international community to help them reach their gaming and design potential.


  • eSports Online Portal, estimated date of arrival (TBC)
  • our very own Video Game Database, estimated date of arrival (15 July 2018)
  • GameNationSA eSports Team, estimated date of arrival (1 October 2018)


Boris Bulj (Editor in Chief)
Boris is GameNation South Africa’s chief editor and writer. Since the 90’s Boris has delved into the video game universe and has emerged victorious :). Boris will play any type and genre of video game even the below par and unpopular games, but does prefer games that have value in terms of story and overall production.



Tyron Armstrong (Contributing Editor)
Tyron is better known as Odly Otter online. He is fluent in geek and will tell anyone who will listen about his fandoms. He grew up on consoles and LAN’s and played anything he could get his hands on. He wants you to know that the sun is a monster so you should just stay inside and play games instead. He is a pretty friendly guy, offering free hugs and High-fives if you meet him in person or you could just say Hi on twitter 🙂




Should you have any questions or would like some help with a game or device please use the details below.
Boris Bulj (Editor in Chief)
Email: info@gamenationsa.com

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