Mettlestate announce the CS:GO Evetech Champions League

Contenders take on CS:GO Legends! #JoinTheLegion is back and this time bringing the local CS:GO community their next tournament and Mettlestate & Evetech have partnered up again to bring you The E...[Read More]

Souzern Lions League Announced, Powered by FACEIT

More tournaments on the way! South African CS:GO players have been asking for more tournaments to compete in. Souzern Lions, in proud partnership with FACEIT, are here to answer the call! Introducing ...[Read More]

South Africa’s best young CS:GO Players

Actually, a more appropriate title would be: here’s three young South African CS:GO players that I think are really good and therefore so should you. It turns out websites don’t like such long titles....[Read More]

How to not be a terrible esports caster – Part 2

Edgy title right? I guess that would depend on whether you like my work or not. Lesson one: not everyone will like you or your commentary, no matter how much you might improve. That’s something you’ll...[Read More]

Thinking about being an esports caster? Here are tips

Ever dreamt of being the voice that captivates the attention of a sold-out crowd of esports fans? That distinctive and revered personality that weaves an intricate and unforgettable narrative about yo...[Read More]

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