The Division File Sizes – PC, PS4 & Xbox One

The Division File Sizes – PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Tom Clancy’s The Division is releasing next week on 8th March for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and according to Microsoft and Sony pre-launch statement that The Division will require players to make storage adjustments as the sizes will range between 29GB and 40GB on the various platforms.

PC and Xbox One users can start pre-loading the game as of today, but PS4 gamers will have to wait until 6th March to download the digital version of the game onto their consoles. Ubisoft revealed that The Division content will arrive first for Xbox One gamers.


During the open beta the game would reach a max size of  27GB on PC, but it seems that the game was updated with more features making the PC version reach up to 40 gigabytes.The graphical superiority of the PC version isn’t a contest here, and gamers playing the game from Nvidia based rigs will be able to run even more exclusive graphical enhancements.

Making use of Nvidia’s GameWorks Technologies

According to The Division’s technical director the PC version of the game will exclusively be using Nvidia’s GameWorks Technologies to create a more realistic appearance. The game will make use of Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion+ to create more detail and vivid shadows around objects and environments.


As we stated above you can preorder and preload The Division however you can’t play it until Tuesday 8th March, when the game launches. The Division on the Xbox One will require around 33GB of your hard drive.


According to the product page on the PlayStation Store has revealed the file size of the game on the PS4. On the store page its shows that The Division will use up to 29.8 GB of the PS4’s hard drive, but when the game receives updates on any of the platforms, this is just the base point on the required storage.

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