CryEngine’s $1million Indie Development Fund Accepting Applications

CryEngine’s $1million Indie Development Fund Accepting Applications

CryEngine’s $1million fund is now accepting applications

If you are an Independent developer who uses or has used CryEngine on any of your projects then this announcement is for you. If your project needs a financial boost you will have until 9th September to apply for a financial grant from CryEngine’s Indie Development Fund, which they announced earlier in 2016 with the amount of $1 million put towards leading indie projects created with the CryEngine.

The grants are divided into rounds; Round 1 & Round 2 and the selection process is as follows:

In this round the selection process begins with a pre-selection round where Crytek will check that your project/s meet the necessary requirements. If your application is approved in Round 1 your project will be featured in the project applicants showcase.

In this round Crytek will choose three funding applicants. Other than the funding packages there is additional packages such as the six additional projects will receive technical support packages. Each applicant can apply once per project and can only re-apply every three months.

What CryEngine is looking for

For your Indie project to be considered developers need to make sure they have a project that is an exciting as well as artistically promising project. All the project applications will be assessed by a panel of dedicated Crytek developers.

If you are not looking for a fund for your project but would like to contribute/donate to the fund you can do so via the CryEngine pay-what-you-want model with the current option available to allocate 70% of your donation to the Indie Development Fund.

Is my project eligible?

If you intend on applying for the fund, please take a look at the following criteria to see if you are eligible to apply:

  • You are an indie developer, early access projects are also eligible.
  • You have a CryEngine project currently in development and have the required videos and screenshots of your work.
  • You have no previous funding from the Indie Development Fund.

To apply for the fund or to find out more information, click here – > Developer Fund 


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