Facebook & Unity Team Up for new PC gaming platform

Facebook & Unity Team Up for new PC gaming platform

Facebook & Unity Team Up

According to the latest developer news from Facebook, Unity has joined forces with the social media giant and have stated they will integrate each others services into an all-new PC gaming platform that Facebook announced is under development. This new PC gaming platform will allow Unity to incorporate game developers and game publishers work onto Facebook more effortlessly.

This platform will allow Unity developers to develop and deliver their games more efficiently to the gaming community on Facebook.

Game developers can start applying to have immediate access to the limited Alpha version of Unity 5.4, this version allows developers to build and export their games to the Facebook website and pc gaming platform. “Integrating tools that provide effortless access to Facebook’s network is a key part of helping developers find the success they deserve” says Elliot Solomon, Vice President of Business Development,Unity Technologies.

Starting from 18 August the date of the announcement, developers have the platform to publish their Unity 5.4+ game on Facebook at a fraction of the time and cost,however their is a selection process and the closed-alpha will have limited access.

With this new addition to Facebook’s already massive gaming platform this could be the way that Facebook competes with the global digital gaming giant Steam. However while Steam is still the lead PC digital retailer with over 125 million monthly users, the one thing that could make the Facebook PC platform more appealing to developers is if Facebook and Unity are able give developers an easier way to export games to Facebook from Unity.

Previously, Unity game developers had a tough task in bringing it’s games to Facebook with the code-intensive SDK’s. This is not the first time Facebook an Unity have partnered up,Facebook and Unity are working together to support Oculus VR game development.

With this great news to shake up the gaming community during Gamescom is not a surprise, however Facebook won’t be making AAA blockbusters just yet as they focus on more lighter Indie titles rather to perfect all the neccessary porting that would be needed for any AAA titles they do make in the future.

Apply for Access  – Applications close 31 August 2016

To all the interested developers please note applications close on 31 August 2016.
To request immediate access and begin testing the alpha build of the new export to Facebook functionality in the Unity Editor.

Submit Your Application >> Click Here



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