Gears of War 4 : New Online Multiplayer Details

Gears of War 4 : New Online Multiplayer Details

Multiplayer news straight from the Horde

Due to the feedback from Gears of War 3 fans and fans of Seriously 3.0  the developers Coalition have listened and have made the requirements more coherent and reasonable. Also another system that has made a comeback from Gears of War 3, Re-Up which is much improved in terms of the Multiplayer mode.

Online Play = Online Credits

The developers have changed what happens when you achieve certain levels, in the previous Gears of War games players earned various characters and rewards but in Gears of War 4 anything that a player attempts in the Online Multiplayer earns you Credits. So basically playing the online multiplayer in any of the modes you will receive your reward credits. The modes currently on offer are Horde & Versus.

gearpack_crate   Gears-4-Developer-Blog-Customization-Unlocks

Players will be able to use the credits they earn online to get a choice of Gear Packs that are available in the store and players can also purchase the Gear Packs with their real local currency. In the Gear Packs their are Cards to unlock items that are dedicated for that specific Gear Pack, the types of cards that are located within the packs include: Characters, Weapon Skins, Emblems and Bounties. The Coalition also stated that the Horde Equipment and the Abilities will be revealed at a later date.

Ranks & Seriously 4.0

In Gears of War 4 the developer has added a skill based matchmaking system that is the main part of the Versus mode. Basically the Ranks are a tool used to seek out an opponent with similar skill levels as you which makes it easier to increase your skill level and have competitive matches with your fellow Gears.

When it comes to Seriously 4.0, the developers read all the fans comments on Seriously 3.0 and as most developers should acted on those comments and have made the requirements more coherent and reasonable.

The Coalition announced the following requirements of Seriously 4.0:

  1. The Player will need to Complete the Campaign on Insane Difficulty
  2. The Player will need to get to Re-Up 10
  3. The Player will need to Earn all Ribbons at least once
  4. The Player will need to Earn a Rank Placement in each mode

They have stated that there are three more requirements but will announce them in September
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