rAge & GAMeS invite you to the eSports Branding Summit

esports branding summit

rAge Expo 2016 has a new event lined up, eSports related

NAG & rAge have formed The rAge eSports initiative that will provide a platform to grow on the emerging eSports community in South Africa. The initiative’s main mission is to grow the already massive eSports fan-base by promoting local eSports tournaments, various competitions and events to the various gamers and other parties that want to get involved in eSports locally and internationally.

With this initiative a new eSports Branding Summit will be launched alongside rAge this year in partnership with the Global Assembly Marketing eSports or GAMeS. The summit will be taking place at the rAge Expo on 7 October 2016.

What will we see at the eSports Branding Summit?

This is a first for South Africa where companies and gamers attend a one-day summit that is dedicated to the success and the business of eSports. The eSports Branding Summit has the main purpose to educate and help the brands and companies in South Africa to understand everything that comes with eSports. The Summit will feature local and Internationally acclaimed game  developers, eSports broadcasters and various media.

Topics to be covered at the eSports Branding Summit include:

  • eSports as a Global Movement
  • The South African eSports Landscape
  • Brands and Audience: Reaching a Millennial Generation
  • Media and eSports: Freemium Models of Reaching Audience

Speakers & panellists will include several local eSports organisations, broadcasters & digital agencies.

Michael James, The rAge Expo senior project manager had this to say about eSports & rAge :

“Our intention since the inception of rAge has been to broaden the gaming community while exposing consumers to the vast scope of entertainment and educational aspects of gaming. For 14 years we have introduced visitors to new concepts, products and culture. rAge has always been a place of discovery and our rAge eSports initiative falls in line with this approach. eSports has a definite place among general sports participation and spectatorship, with international cyber athletes setting the bar for future professionals. This is an opportune time to find out more – before the ‘eSports phenomenon’ becomes a reality in SA.”

Have you registered for the summit? 

Register here if you have not (Please Note: Limited seating)


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