Ex Max Payne & Quantum Break Devs open VR Studio

Remedy Entertainment

Three Eyes are better than Two!

The world of Virtual Reality Entertainment is growing rapidly and is creating new opportunities for creators and developers.  Developers around the world are increasingly wanting to bring a video game experience to life, where the headset user will be transported into another reality and become the character physically, emotionally and mentally.

The latest virtual reality studio that has formed is the 3rd Eye Studios which is a little different from other studios, for example, the developers and industry leaders are from award winning Remedy Entertainment who are behind the Max Payne franchise, Alan Wake and game/tv show Quantum Break. The Remedy Studios are best known for creating original and thought provoking video games.

What games are 3rd Eye Studios working on?

According to the CEO, Kari Koivistoinen, 3rd Eye Studios are in development of their first VR Game that the studio says gets its inspiration from the likes of The Twighlight Zone and also Black Mirror.  The game is called Downward Spiral and Kari has described it as “an epic journey” with a “distinct style” and they confirmed it will feature co-op gameplay.

Kari  also added that besides the Downward Spiral, the development team are also building modding tools for the vr community to get their hands on, and the studio also plans to license their key development tools to other studios looking to develop for Virtual Reality.




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