Over 80,000 Resident Evil 7 Players are Using PS VR

Over 80,000 Resident Evil 7 Players are Using PS VR

80,000 Being welcomed to the family via VR 

According to Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 Global Stats, around 10% of Resident Evil 7 players are experiencing the first-person horror game through PlayStation VR. Capcom is constantly updating the Global Stats website which shows off statistics from various players who connected their game stats online. According to the site as of writing this, 880,038 players have connected their game to Capcom’s online services as we know that is not all the players playing the game.  The main stat that stands out from the page as see below is how many Resident Evil 7 players are playing using VR.

According to the above Global Stats, there are currently 84,036 VR players of Resident Evil 7. That’s 9.55% of all online players that are utilizing Resident Evil 7‘s virtual reality functionality via PlayStation VR. As we all know Resident Evil 7 players are spread across multiple platforms as PC & Xbox One as well.  According to early reports, the first-person horror title has shipped as many as 2.5 million units in its first week. The new data from Capcom appears to show that the addition of PlayStation VR compatibility is paying off. If you are in the mood for more stats head over to the Stats page -> Resident Evil 7

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