Path of Exile is heading to Xbox One in 2017

path of exile xbox

The Path to an Xbox One 

The developers and publishers Grinding Gear Games of Path of Exile have announced that Path of Exile will be making it’s way to the Xbox One later this year. The Xbox One version will also be free-to-play and will receive all the content from the very popular PC version. The Xbox One version will also receive the upcoming 3.0.0 expansion that includes Act Five.

What will be different on the Xbox One?

Xbox One players will play on their own realm and will be completely separate from the PC realm. Grinding Gear Games says this is because of the small gameplay differences between both versions, like the number of Flask slots and how some skills are being targeted. Grinding Gear Games also reveal that the Xbox One version will have the same league and schedule as its PC counterpart of Path of Exile.

Watch the announcement  trailer below


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