Ubisoft announce Watch Dogs 2 Demo for PS4 & Xbox One

Watch Dogs 2 Demo

3 Hours of Hackable gameplay

Watch Dogs 2 was released last year November if you’re still not sure about the second installment in the Watchdogs franchise then you have the chance if you own a PS4 or Xbox One, no news yet of PC demo. With this 3-hour demo/trial, you will be able to explore Watch Dogs 2’s  wide-open, hacker-friendly re-creation of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The 3-hour trial of the full game will be available for download starting today 17 January on PS4 here, and in one week on 24 January on Xbox One.

What you will get access to

In the demo, you will get full access to all the game’s features, including co-op and multiplayer which requires  PlayStation Plus & Xbox Live Gold memberships. You will play as Marcus Holloway and DedSec and complete the missions. You will also be able to explore the Bay Area freely, infiltrate restricted areas with hacking equipment, wreak havoc with a friend in co-op. If you are happy to purchase the game after the trial/demo your progress will transfer to the full game, so you can keep your story going.


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