Psyonix to invest $2.5 million in Rocket League eSports

rocket league esports

Psyonix Rocketing the Investment in eSports!

Psyonix, the developer and publisher of Rocket League has announced that it plans to invest over $2.5 million ( R34 Million) into its Rocket League eSports programs in 2017.

According to Psyonix, they will be supporting all levels of competition with the allocated funding. They stated that more than $1 Million will be used in prize pools that also includes the Rocket League Championship Series. According to the developers  Psyonix, the rest of the funds will be allocated to major gaming events such as PAX and other major events.

“We believe that Rocket League is a game and eSport where everyone can compete, everyone can progress, and everyone can enjoy,” said Psyonix in the blog post. “It was with that in mind that we started to evaluate the best way we could invest in esports with the funds earned through our community-funded ‘Crates and Keys’ pool.”

Rocket League Championship Series Season 3 Begins in March!

Psyonix have stated that this Season will be bigger than ever with new players, new stories, and a brand new region with highly-competitive players from Oceania that will compete with North America and Europe for a chance to win the largest prize pool in Rocket League esports history with a grand total of $300,000 ( R4 Million)

If you would like to test your skill and stand a chance to  win the grand prize you can enter the Open Qualifier at


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