Destiny 2 PC Listing and Xbox One Beta Appears – Rumor

Destiny 2 PC Listing and Xbox One Beta Appears

It is our Destiny to find the truth!

Earlier this week a poster for Destiny 2 was revealed unofficially, revealing the game’s release date and a possible beta had been leaked. An official announcement from Activision is expected in the near future, but news has arrived sooner than we expected regarding Destiny 2 on PC and it’s pre-orders.

As can be seen below Twitter user @SenSnowy  posted a photo of a receipt of sale for a pre-order for a Limited Edition of Destiny 2 for the PC and appears to have pre-ordered it from GameStop Germany. The pricing for the Limited Edition is about €110 ( R1,500)

We know the original Destiny did not have a PC version and was a console exclusive so this is great news! We need to take caution as the GameStop Germany online PC Pre-orders have just been taken down, let’s hope it is for routine maintenance 🙂  These leaks and reveals are great, but we will have to wait for the official Bungie announcements.

Please be vigilant of any companies claiming to have pre-orders of any video games especially from established organisations such as GameStop as errors can be made at a huge cost to you the consumer.

More will be revealed soon, so stay tuned & let us know what you think about the rumors?

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