How Windows 10 ‘Game Mode’ Will Improve Gaming Performance

windows 10 game mode

Prioritizing CPU and GPU for gaming

The question about how will game mode help gaming performance in your PC has been answered at the Game Developers Conference this week by Microsoft. Microsoft has stated that the main objective of Game Mode is to prioritize the processor cores and graphics card for gaming. What this means is your Windows 10 PC will allocate as many resources as possible from each processor to the game, ignoring main Windows processes that are not necessary when playing a video game.

What will the CPU do?

Game Mode will allocate a majority of the processor cores towards the game you are playing. As an example, if you have an eight-core system you will get closer to six dedicated cores when running in Game Mode. Your PC will then move threads devoted to other processes off of the gaming cores, this will greatly reduce the overall required thread contentions among the various gaming process threads and improving your gaming performance.

What will the GPU do?

Windows PC’s at the moment already provide the bulk of processing time to the current window that is being focused on and in use. In Game Mode, your PC will give more graphics power to the active game on the screen. Another benefit for Game Mode for the GPU is the memory will prioritise the assets associated with your specific game, making your game run smoother and your PC’s  overall performance improved.

Game Mode Is Coming Soon To Everyone!

The Game Mode and other gaming options and settings are available already for testing with the preview build of the next update. The official full release to all Windows 10 PC users will come as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update, which is set for release in the coming Spring months in the United States.

More will be revealed soon, so stay tuned & let us know what you think of Game Mode?

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