Valve is selling a real-life CS:GO Five Year Veteran Coin

CS:GO Five Year Veteran Coin

Only true CS:GO Five Year Veterans Qualify!

Are you a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive veteran? Then the Valve Store has a real-life version of the Five Year Veteran Coin for you to pre-order, and it is going for $45 ( R650) and will begin shipping mid-June. The offer isn’t open to everyone, if you haven’t earned the coin in the game, then you’re not eligible to pre-order this physical version. In order to preorder the coin, you have to log in with your Steam account, where valve will check if your inventory has the coin.

What’s In The Box?

1 CS:GO Collectible Five Year Veteran Coin
Black Wooden Coin Box With Velvet Protective Foam Lining
Box Sleeve Featuring Five Year Veteran Logo
Clear Acrylic Coin Stand

The coin is made from a die cast zinc alloy with the “5” up front in copper, the coin is 63mm in diameter and 3mm thick, and weighs under 56 grams. It arrives in a box with an acrylic cover that can be hung on a wall, and also includes an acrylic coin stand. Shipping worldwide from June but there are counties excluded from shipping they are Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Burma, Syria, and Sudan.


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