25th edition of ICON – Comic & Games Convention is back!

25th edition of ICON – Comic & Games Convention is back!

Bigger & better than ever before

The 25th edition of the ICON Comic and Games Convention, Home of the Super-Hero, is back and is set for Johannesburg’s Gallagher Convention Centre from the 16th-18th June 2017 over the Youth Day Long Weekend. ICON is South Africa’s longest-running and largest pop culture event – the destination for leading gaming and pop culture experts and anyone looking to celebrate their fantasy world while being immersed in a compelling and exciting storyline.

Why does ICON exist?

Simply because there is a geek in all of us.
Geeks set the stage for incredible story-telling, and thanks to this, we’re witness to it in life. Countless big budget sci-fi and fantasy television series and mass market blockbuster movies we see today are based on comics and games, previously seen as the purview of ‘geekdom’ alone. Conventions such as #ICON2017 facilitate a rapidly growing audience being able to join and learn from the geeks who created such entertainment masterpieces. Entertainment that is based on incredible story-telling.

This year ICON raises its ‘game’ substantially, showcasing international guests, local thought leaders, over 40 speaker panels, expert player showdowns, a comedy event and innovative activations including multinational tech giants such as Canon Gigabyte and MakerBot, amongst others. Media Partners, Student Brands, and Nickelodeon will ensure that the best moments of this 25th Edition live on beyond the boundaries of the convention. Whether you’re into card or table-top gaming, LARPing, tech-gaming or Cosplaying, an aspiring author or even a regular console fanatic, the highly acclaimed Convention will help define the ‘how to’ of the increasingly mainstream and sophisticated gaming industry. Fantasists, mythologists, tech heads role players and more come into an immersive world such as ICON to be inspired, learn, experiment, observe and compete in a celebration of fantasy worlds and story-telling.

Les Allen, ICON’s director says, “What we’ve learned from a quarter century convening ICON is that ‘Geeks’ are no longer on the fringe. Mainstream media exposure has made their expertise, enthusiasm, and points of obsession with hobbies and intellectual pursuits accessible. Gaming and storytelling release a part of everyone’s being, we just facilitate access to it in a myriad of ways.”

International Cosplay Guest of Honour for #ICON2017 is the sensational Linda Le, aka. “Vampy Bit Me”, rated as one of the ten most popular cosplayers in the world and an inspiration to all those who invest in building characters for a fantasy world. Gaming industry insider James Stutter, a published author and the co-creator of the fantasy Pathfinder’ Roleplaying Game and Creative Director of the new space version Starfinder also joins the Convention. Both will participate in the convention for all three days.

Local thought leaders included in the line-up of panelists include tech analyst and commentator Arthur Goldstuck, and Nikki Bush, well known columnist and specialist in the field of ‘child play and development’ matters. Visitors to the convention have an opportunity to be real superheroes by visiting the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) drive and donate to help save lives. One lucky donor stands the chance of winning a 3D printed replica of themselves as a superhero – sponsored by MakerBot, the global leader in the 3D printing industry.


Venue:             Hall 2, Gallagher Convention Centre
Dates:             Friday 16th June / Saturday 17th June / Sunday 18th June
Times:             Friday, Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm /  Sunday, 9 am – 5 pm

Tickets are on sale now and start at R120 for a one day pass.
Weekend passes and limited VIP tickets available.



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