AMD to Showcase Radeon RX Vega & Navi GPU on 16 May

AMD Radeon RX Vega

Make. Some. Noise

AMD will be officially be showcasing the Radeon  RX Vega and is set for next Tuesday on 16 May. It will be taking place from AMD’s Head Quarters in Sunnyvale, California and it will be live. AMD CEO Lisa Su will be joined by Radeon boss Raja Koduri and computing and graphics head Jim Anderson for the reveal, which is set to outline AMD’s plans for the future. The future includes the Navi GPU which is the successor to the Vega and according to sources their will be a sneek peek into it’s next gen memory and improved scalability.

Navi will also see AMD make the jump to the 7nm FinFET fabrication process in 2018-2019, down from 14nm with last year’s Polaris. In addition to showing off Vega and Navi structures, AMD will also be looking it the Zen successor, Zen+. Zen is used in the Ryzen chipsets, both the current Summit Ridge CPUs and the upcoming Pinnacle Ridge. So be prepared as this showcase will give us a window into AMD’s plans for the next two years.

The AMD Radeon RX Vega launch is slated to launch in this quarter, so if that is true then the graphics cards will be out within the next two months.


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