Digital game sales rise to a whopping $7.7billion in April

Digital game sales rise to a whopping $7.7billion in April

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SuperData’s latest report shows that digital game sales has increased 9% year-over-year to $7.7 billion ( R99 billion) in April. A key mover in the sales is the mobile  sales as they continues to grow at 8% over April 2016 Sales. SuperData did reveal that due to the perception from customers and various low rated reviews some of the developers and games had sharp declines in digital revenue in April.

EA dominated digital console rankings with FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 being there top grossing console titles for the month. Ultimate Team helped push FIFA 17 digital revenue and Battlefield 1, although down slightly from March, still showed traction with its recent DLC.

According to SuperData  early access game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC is garneshing major support and play numbers, generating an estimated $34 million ( R440 million) in April while Overwatch managed to reach new revenue highs for MAU and MTX. Blizzard’s other major digital title, Hearthstone has managed to recover in April following it’s release of its latest expansion Journey to Un’Goro.

And Rockstar Games‘ GTA V saw a digital boost in April thanks to the new Tiny Racers update, an homage to old-school top-down racing titles. You can see in the console chart below that Rockstar’s title came in third in digital sales rankings.


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