Orchestral Tomb Raider Suite is in the works by Nathan McCree

Orchestral Tomb Raider Suite is in the works by Nathan McCree

20 years on, Nathan brings Tomb Raider to the Orchestra 

Nathan McCree has been composing music for nearly 25 years and is also a member of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors (BASCA). Nathan began his music career in the 90’s writing tunes for the SEGA MegaDrive and Genesis consoles. His music for SEGA won him a SEGA Nomination Award for Best Computer Games Music in 1994 for Soulstar and in 1996 wrote the score for the original Tomb Raider.

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary in 2016 of Lara Croft and the world of Tomb Raider, Nathan McCree wrote The Tomb Raider Suite, a collection of his favorite tunes and cues from the first three games.

The Tomb Raider Suite Kickstarter Campaign

On Sunday 18 December 2016, The Tomb Raider Suite received its World Premiere, performed live by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and the City of London Choir. Conducted by Robert Ziegler, it received three standing ovations from over 2,000 fans who attended the concert. It was an outstanding finale to the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary celebration.

And due to the success of the World Premiere, Nathan McCree has started a Kickstarter campaign that will see some of the themes and cues of the original Tomb Raider music by Nathan McCree, extended and re-recorded with a live orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, London.

“The process of producing a full orchestral album approximately 90 minutes in duration is extremely expensive and we cannot achieve this without your help. To hire a 76-piece orchestra and a 20-voice choir with a world-class conductor and studio engineer at one of the top studios in the world, then mix and master we need to raise £160,000,” states Nathan

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