ICON 2017 – Our full recap of the 25th Anniversary Event

ICON 2017

ICON 2017 Was Bigger & Better

This year at ICON 2017 there were a wide variety of activities, merchandise, live panel discussions and a sea of board games for geeks, gamers, cosplayers, and comic book fans alike. This year was ICON‘s 25th year anniversary and opened its doors over the long weekend from 16-18 June 2017 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg. The weekend also featured a few special guests as panel speakers, including Pathfinder co-creator James L. Sutter, world-famous cosplayer Linda ‘Vampy Bit Me’ Le and South Africa’s very own youtube stars Chani_ZA & Tech Girl.

Local thought leaders included in the line-up of panelists include tech analyst and commentator Arthur Goldstuck, and Nikki Bush, the well-known columnist, and specialist in the field of ‘child play and development’ matters. Visitors to the convention had an opportunity to be real superheroes by visiting the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) drive and donate to help save lives.

Marco Cocomello‏ & Pippa Tshabalala‏ were live from LA talking E3

E3 primarily features presentations from major hardware and software publishers, including MicrosoftSony, UbisoftNintendo, and others. These presentations, often lasting one hour or more, are presented in the Convention Center’s main auditorium, or in other large nearby venues, and allow the companies to present their upcoming products for the current year.

During the live E3 Breakdown at ICON 2017, Marco and Pippa told us about the games that they got to play and analyse. Games they played included Destiny 2, Call of Duty: WWII  and Days Gone. We asked a question about the look and feel of the new Xbox One X and Pippa told us that it produces amazing 4K graphics and 60fps with Microsoft and Xbox first party titles, while in some cases FPS drops around 30fps on third party titles.

They also mentioned that the conference had over 60000 attendees with 15000 being the general public. Pippa also mentioned that with some of the games you had to wait for five hours to get to the front of the que 🙁

Amazing Cosplay & Gaming Tournaments on display at ICON 2017

The cosplay competition saw finalists perform skits and show off their crafted costumes while the judges highlighted their favourite aspects of each contestant. The categories of the competition were Skits, Novice and Intermediate, and Master. ICON 2017 featured a special guest judge from the United States Linda Le, also known as Vampy Bit Me. ICON always has something for everybody and this year was no exception a Tekken 7 Tournament kept the battle alive at the PS4 booths and iconic vehicles made the rounds with the Ghostbusters ECTO-1 car and the Night Rider



Les Allen, ICON’s director says, “What we’ve learned from a quarter century convening ICON is that ‘Geeks’ are no longer on the fringe. Mainstream media exposure has made their expertise, enthusiasm, and points of obsession with hobbies and intellectual pursuits accessible. Gaming and storytelling release a part of everyone’s being, we just facilitate access to it in a myriad of ways.”

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