Stream PC games to your PS4, Xbox One & Switch with Rainway


Rainway Confirmed beta launch on 25 November

Rainway is a service that allows gamers to stream any of their PC games to a number of platforms, the confirmed platforms include Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch.

Gamers can also stream their gameplay to a web client to any of the above mentioned platforms. Rainway’s streaming protocol allows for low-latency, high-quality streaming from any DirectX 11-compatible GPU over an Internet connection. Another great feature,  it is compatible with major  game clients, with Steam, Origin, and Any game which is loaded from these clients can be streamed to a compatible device, and standalone titles can be streamed by adding them to the Steam client as a non-Steam game.

The beta will begin 25th November with the Web and Android clients, followed by iOS & Xbox.

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