Everything You Need To Know About The Destiny 2 PC Beta

Destiny 2 PC Listing and Xbox One Beta Appears

You’re Destiny is 2 Play it now!

Destiny 2’s official launch on consoles is a  week away, however, we get to test the game one last time prior to release this week during the game’s PC beta. The biggest outcry to most Destiny fans was that you could not play Destiny on PC but Bungie heard you loud & clear, Destiny 2 is accessible on PC.

If you didn’t already know, Bungie and Activision are using Blizzard’s Battle.net to host the game and the beta, therefore the game will not be available on Steam. Don’t stress Blizzard’s Battle.net contains a host of familiar and favorable game titles in Overwatch, Hearthstone and Diablo III.

Player versus environment (PVE)

  • The very cool opening “Homecoming” mission which takes place as the Tower is under assault from the new Big Bad.
  • The ‘Inverted Spire’ Strike, which is a fun three-player co-op mission that ends with a powerful boss fight.

Player versus player (PVP)

  • In Control players attempt to take and hold three points across a map. A new, never-before-played map, Javelin-4 will replace the console beta’s Endless Vale map.
  • In Countdown teams alternate setting or defusing bombs in short matches with Elimination rules. The first team to 6 wins takes the match. The map Midtown will return to this mode.

Closed beta 28 Aug at 10 am | Open beta 29 Aug at 10 am | Beta ends 31 Aug at 10 am

Destiny 2 launches on PS4 and Xbox One on 6 September and PC on 24 October


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