Razer launch the Atheris wireless gaming mouse @ $50

Razer launch the Atheris wireless gaming mouse @ $50

Optimized for both work and play!
Productivity meets performance

Razer has revealed their latest wireless gaming mouse, the Atheris wireless mouse aimed at gamers and professionals. Named after Atheris  a member of the venomous vipers known as bush vipers, it sure packs a powerful performance bite for a reasonable $ 50 price tag ( ~R700)

7,200 DPI Optical Sensor

The Razer Atheris has one of the highest DPI for a mobile mouse. It gives you extreme accuracy and incredible control. The extra resolution works perfectly for multiple monitors and also for 4K screens.

2.4GHz wireless technology

Featuring Razer’s proprietary wireless technology, the Razer Atheris provides you with industry-leading transmission stability, your mouse maintains a solid connection at all times.

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