Remastered Games Are Coming Thick and Fast

Remastered Games Are Coming Thick and Fast

Major video game developers and publishers know that nostalgia sells, which is why many early 2000’s games are rumoured to be remade in 2017. Don’t get me wrong these are some of the industry defining games that influence current generation of games, including Virtual Reality Games.

With the introduction of the Nintendo Switch, we are expected to see remakes on the platform, from games like Skyrim, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, Metroid and the list goes on. The key issues are why do developers and publishers remake and remaster games, is it that they feel young gamers need the latest graphical power to play a game like DOOM? Is it that new ideas take time and time in the gaming industry is scarce?


The truth is, gamers love it when developers take more risks and are able to bring to life new and interesting characters, instead of remaking the same old games. We know that a remake and remaster are in most part is going to do well financially as it will cater for the old and new market. What does makes sense is a remake that will encompass both VR and AR instead of the traditional remake/remaster.

A genre defining game like Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver back in 1999 developed by Crystal Dynamics showed what developers could do when they thought of new ideas and moved away from their comfort zone.


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