A Full-Length Call of Duty Documentary is Available Now


CODumentary, the full-length feature film about the Call of Duty‘s rise to popularity, is available today. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch the documentary right now for free, or you can purchase it digitally on Steam.

CODumentary was independently produced by Jonathan Beales/Fizz Pictures and is not a production of, affiliated with or authorized by Activision Inc., Activision Publishing Inc.its affiliates, agents, or representatives. All gameplay and other related footage appears in a commentary context and is protected by Fair Use doctrines.

The 93-minute feature documentary, created by Jonathan Beales, explores how the video game Call of Duty grew into a global entertainment blockbuster. Video game publisher/film distributor Devolver Digital released the documentary worldwide on all major digital platforms on September 19th. DVD/Blu-Ray formats will be also be released.

Filmed across USA, UK & Europe including the D-Day beaches, CODumentary is told by developers, fans, professional players and numerous games experts, who describe in rich detail what makes the game so special and why it’s been successful from launch to the present day. Jonathan Beales is an industry professional with over 31 years’ experience in video games marketing & mainstream media.

Since the 90’s Boris has delved into the video game universe battled demons, saved soldiers and has emerged victorious...in most cases.

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