Robot Wizard’s Jengo will be playable at rAge Expo 2017

Jengo rAge Expo

Jengo heading to the rAge Expo for testing

Following their successful trip to Gamescom in Germany, it is time for local gamers to get their hands on Jengo. For the first time in South Africa, Jengo’s Gamescom demo will be playable at rAge, which will give gamers the opportunity to voice their thoughts and any concerns they may have on the game with the developers.

Robot Wizard has confirmed it will also have Jengo merchandise available for purchase at their Stand No: HC 14 & 15 under Robot Wizard

#FindingJeff at rAge

Earlier this year Robot Wizard conducted a search for voice over talent, the results have been amazing but they still have not found the voice of Jeff. To kick off the campaign, Robot Wizard will be launching #FindingJeff at their booth at rAge. If you think you have the voice for the main character, you will be able to audition at the stand.  The team will be providing lines for entrants to read, but have stated you can improvise as much as you feel is necessary.

Jengo is set for a late 2018 release and possibly on console


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