PUBG available now on Xbox One – What you need to know

PUBG available now on Xbox One – What you need to know

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Battlegrounds will run at 30 frames per second on Xbox One. It will also launch with full compatibility with the Xbox One X and feature 4k resolution and high dynamic range (HDR). Players on PC and Xbox One will not be able to play together at launch, however, climbing and vaulting will be included at launch on Xbox One.  PUBG launches on Xbox One through the Game Preview program which means the game is not finished and could have bugs and glitches, so people should be aware of that before purchasing a copy.

Required space for initial download: 5.24 GB
It remains to be seen if there will be a required day-one update or any further content to install.

Xbox Control & Navigation

These will be your primary controls when navigating the world. Note that many of the buttons have a dual-purpose by either quickly pressing or holding down. For example, holding X will allow you to reload your weapon; tapping X will allow you to interact with objects. You’ll be interacting with a lot of objects in-game, quickly picking up items as fast as you can in the early going as you’re looking for weapons and equipment.

The DPAD directions can be used as quick action keys to cycle between for your grenades and healing items. For healing and boosts, tap the DPAD down button to cycle what you have and then hold briefly to start using that item without opening your inventory screen. Also, as is common in 3rd person action shooters, holding the Left Trigger will increase your accuracy while still in 3rd person view.

PUBG on Xbox One

PUBG on Xbox


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