Milestone Announces Gravel Season Pass & Freemium DLC’s

Milestone Announces Gravel Season Pass & Freemium DLC’s

6 Additional Freemium DLC’s To Be Released Starting in March

Milestone, developers specialised in the racing segment at a global level, announced Gravel Season Pass content which includes 5 premium DLCs, to be released from February until June and gives you a taste of the whole DLC plan.

Exclusive Pack of 5 Expansion Sets with New Tracks, Vehicle Categories & Career Episodes

Gravel Season Pass

For those ready to go beyond their limits, Gravel Season Pass will include 5 DLCs, which will give access to additional 12 new vehicles, 10 checkpoint tracks, 4 new Wild Rush circuits and 2 new Off-Road Career Events with the aim of satisfying even the most demanding off-road racing fans.

Gravel Free car Bowler Bulldog

For all four-wheel enthusiasts, this DLC gives access to the first exclusive free vehicle, available for download from 7 March. Straight from Great Britain, here’s one of Bowler latest creations, the Bulldog, a concentration of power which makes the off-road experience even more thrilling and engaging. The perfect vehicle to prove your true worth!

Gravel Free car Acciona

If you think that an electric engine is a limitation, this stunningly powerful vehicle will make you change your mind very quickly. Acciona, the first and only electric vehicle to compete and finish the toughest official off-road races in the world, shows off with all its “energy” in the Gravel fleet.

Acciona will be available to download starting from 21 March.


Details on all other DLCs will be disclosed at a later date

Gravel will launch on 27 February on PS4, Xbox One & PC

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