Join us and support Jengo & Robot Wizard Games on Fig

Join us and support Jengo & Robot Wizard Games on Fig

Help Jeff and company postpone the apocalypse

Robot Wizard needs 400 “backstage backers” to receive the full support of Fig and its marketing muscle. From there the team’s chance of reaching its funding goal are improved substantially as it will be more visible to other investors.

The money from the campaign will go towards paying for voice talent, musicians, artists, programmers and more. If you would like to support Jengo and the development team and find out more about the game and how you can get involved, click here.

To find out what you can get by backing Jengo on Fig you can visit this web page.


Fig is a community funding and publishing platform for independent video games. Fans back games on Fig to get exclusive rewards or invest to earn returns from game sales. Fig was created to bring fans together to help Fig publish games of all kinds. Our goal is to strike a balance between titles from well-known independent studios as well as ones from up-and-coming indie teams.

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