Robot Wizard Announce Plans for Jengo on Nintendo Switch

Robot Wizard Announce Plans for Jengo on Nintendo Switch

Jeff is switching his way onto Nintendo!

After only a few days, Jengo’s official Fig campaign has already secured over 25% of its funding goal. To celebrate this milestone both Robot Wizard and Playdius have revealed that Jengo will be heading to Nintendo Switch! Once Jengo reaches its funding goal, the greatest point & click adventure conceived since games launched on floppy disks will also release on Nintendo Switch along with the PC version!

Jengo is the first game from studio Robot Wizard, founded by two unlikely figures from the South African indie gaming scene: Louis Du Pisani & Graeme Selvan.

The money from the campaign will go towards paying for voice talent, musicians, artists, programmers and more. If you would like to support Jengo and the development team and find out more about the game and how you can get involved, click here.


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