GeekFest 2018 – For The Love of Geek

GeekFest 2018 – For The Love of Geek

In the last couple of years of being a gamer and game journalist, there’s been one truth I’ve had to accept about myself: there is so much more to being a geek than just anime and games. GeekFest has been one of the many portals into Geekdom that has continued to show this to me, even back when it was still held at the Huddle Park Golf & Recreation venue. Good times GeekFest 2018, held outdoors of the always prestigious Montecasino, carried that same excited air that fills comic stores, cosplay events and is circulating ComicCon Africa. Much to the delight and curious glances given by patrons perusing the leisure complex. More so when a snappily dressed Jigsaw had shoppers screaming in fear.

GeekFest 2018

One of the few standout moments at this year’s GeekFest was the Kiddies Cosplay competition, where the young geeks showed off their costumes and pose on stage. It became a heartfelt moment of realisation that Geekdom doesn’t just wake up when you hit puberty like a dormant x-gene, but carries from one generation to the other. I see it in my nephew who met the great All Might from My Hero Academia and now we’re going to watch anime together. All because one fan of the anime decided to go all out and dress-up and GeekFest provided one of the many opportunities to do so.

Beyond that, GeekFest has become, to me, a new culture of Geek-ucating others of the awesomeness of Geekdom. To remind them it’s not just for nerds and adults who “haven’t learned how to grow-up”. We are the generation who grew up watching Robot Wars hoping to build our own one day. We LARP’d in bathrobes and wooden swords and now we wear the full costume. Star Wars keeps coming back and we keep watching them. We grew up playing Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy and Borderlands then delved into Destiny and Skyrim and League of Legends. We came back from school to watch Naruto, Yu-gi-Oh and Dragonball Z to coming home from Uni or work to watch Attack on Titan, Deadman Wonderland and Pyscho-Pass. Our Batmans and Supermans and Spidermans changed. Everything around us changed – but never our love.

We now live in an accepting era, where us grown men can dress up as our favourite characters and barely anyone makes a hassle out of it. We can proudly display our geekdom with figurines of our favourite characters, mousepads of our favourite shows, and go into a long-winded conversation of why the Bleach anime stopped where it did and what the hell happened in the final chapter of the manga. And you don’t have to be a nerd to enjoy being a geek.

After all, a geek is an enthusiast of a particular topic or field, whether its gaming, technology, anime or cars. We’re all geeks at heart.

Nthato Morakabi is a South African born author currently working full-time as a Technical Writer for Everlytic. He started writing at an early age, inspired by authors such as Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Clive Barker amongst many others. He is an ex-writer for Gamecca Magazine where his main focus was writing game reviews, previews, and running interviews with Independent Game Developers.

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