Days Gone Launches for PS4 on 22 February 2019

Days Gone Launches exclusively for PS4 on 22 February

Bend Studio has revealed new details about Days Gone!

In addition to revealing the release date, the trailer introduces two new animal threats: mountain lions, or cougars, and infected ravens – called Criers in our world. We see another ambush event as Marauders torch an old vehicle and roll it onto the highway trying to knock Deacon off his bike. And the video ends with Deacon running out of gas out in the middle of nowhere – a quiet moment, perhaps, but maybe the deadliest of all.

Bend Studio stated that Days Gone releases on 22 February 2019

Bend Studio is bringing Days Gone to E3 this year with even more new gameplay, so keep an eye on this space for more news!

They also introduce a new enemy human faction: Rest In Peace, or R.I.P., which is a cult that worships the Freakers. Rippers, as they’re known, dress like Freakers – and kill anyone who isn’t a Ripper. While they’re important to the story, Rippers are also an important part of the in-game Freaker ecology: when you get a chance to take down a Ripper camp, try bringing in a Swarm and see what happens – Rippers refuse to kill Freakers, and the results can be very entertaining.

William “Boozer” Gray was introduced in first reveal trailer back in 2016, riding with Deacon on the broken road and keeping Deacon from bashing in the head of a dead Freaker. From their cuts, we know they are both ex-members of the Mongrels MC. So they are more than just friends – they are brothers.
Boozer has to be tough, cynical, and a badass, but his friendship and brotherhood with Deacon has to come through as well. Jim has helped turn Boozer into a compelling and very human character. Alkai Turner is the arms dealer at the Hotsprings survivor encampment. Ada Tucker is a former prison matron who now runs the Hotsprings camp.

Since the 90’s Boris has delved into the video game universe battled demons, saved soldiers and has emerged most cases.

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