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Energy Esports 2018 ESEA CSGO Call of Duty Champs

If you’re a South African esports fan, you’ve definitely heard of Energy eSports. Their exploits are well-known in the various esports titles, whether it be in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Call of Duty or any other title you care to mention. By exploits, I mean they are a multi-gaming organization (MGO) that knows how to win. Speaking about winning, let’s delve a bit into their rather significant title wins of just the last few days.


2018 so far

The Energy CS: GO squad were the undisputed African Champions just under a year ago after winning the ESL Africa Season Two trophy at rAge. They beat the now USA-based Bravado squad comprehensively and looked untouchable heading into 2018. This year, they were not included in the VS Gaming Masters division, despite being the best team in the country. Unfortunately, that has devalued the prestige of Masters significantly, as the country’s best team is not in what is supposed to be our premier domestic competition. The ESEA league by contrast is a more apt representation of the pecking order of domestic teams, at least based off of online play. Energy easily won ESEA Season 27 and then picked up Sinister5’s star rifler, Gareth “MisteM” Ries to replace veteran player Jan “takbok” Theron in the active lineup.

With MisteM plugged into the team and a switch of in-game leader with Trevor “Kani” Morley taking up the role, they headed into the Vodacom 4U CS:GO Cup for their first offline matches of 2018. That it took until July for the first national competitive LAN of the year, is rather sobering considering the bumper year esports and particularly CS:GO enjoyed in 2017. Nonetheless, Energy took the tournament convincingly as favourites. There were one or two slight wobbles, but the changes seemed to be enabling Robby “blackpoisoN” Da Loca to unleash a new level of individual performance. The former IGL has been in incendiary form in the last few months.

ESEA Season 28 Energy Esports

ESEA Season 28

Their quest to become back to back ESEA champions culminated in an almost flawless season. They didn’t suffer a single loss on any map throughout the league or playoff stages. Their utter domination was most notably on display when they limited Goliath Gaming to only one round win in the two map series in the Semi-Finals. On Thursday night, the Grand Final itself was closer against Big 5 on the first map but ended in a one-sided win on the second to seal Energy eSports’ second ESEA Open South Africa title of the year. Can anyone challenge them locally? Not that I can foresee in the near future. This is a side that needs to perhaps follow the lead of Bravado and move overseas to take the next step in their evolution.

Call of Duty

The Mettlestate Astro Call of Duty WWII Championship’s inaugural season came to its conclusion on Saturday. As my knowledge of Call of Duty is similar to my knowledge of astrophysics in that it’s non-existent, I’ll refrain from going into much detail. With A R50000 prize pool waiting to be claimed, the teams had ample incentive to give it their best flurry of shots. The Energy eSports COD squad scythed their way through the playoffs brackets. Starting first with a 3 – 1 in over Origin Esports, before knocking Bravado Gaming into the bottom half of the double elimination bracket with another 3  -1 victory. After Bravado bested Origin in the lower bracket, the Grand Final was a rematch of the self-same upper bracket final. Again Energy emerged victorious, this time as the champions of the very first season of the Astro COD Championship. From what I saw as a COD noob, Mettlestate did a fantastic job with the broadcast and the organization of the series. The support on stream from the COD community seemed to be there as well, which is good to see. Shout out to Chantelle “Chani_ZA” Alexander, my former NAG Podcast co-host, on doing a good job on the casting desk with her first casting gig.

And then?

It’s a been a good week for Energy eSports. The CS:GO squad are untouchable at the moment and show no signs of slowing down. They’re in an era of dominance as the best team on the continent in my opinion. The COD side are looking fantastic as well. Can anyone knock these sides off their respective thrones? There’s not much of 2018 left for that to happen in. No, this wasn’t a paid advert for Energy. They just fortuitously won titles in different games mere days apart and I thought it worth a little coverage. GG WP Energy.

Michael “axtremes” Harmse is a Counterstrike: Global Offensive commentator, analyst, desk host and interviewer. Michael lives and breathes CSGO and esports. He is dedicated to growing esports in South Africa, one tournament, article and stream at a time.

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