New Hitman 2 Teaser Trailer Explores Colombia

New Hitman 2 Teaser Trailer Explores Colombia

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An all-new Hitman 2 teaser trailer was released titled “welcome to the jungle” and we all know it wouldn’t be Hitman without a mission in Colombia. This new Hitman 2 trailer features a taste of the Columbian wilderness and vast open areas to hide and take out your targets.

This new setting will put players directly in the heart of a dark and dangerous South American rainforest, providing a vastly different canvas for Agent 47 to carry out his deadly missions. Truly a living, breathing jungle environment with threats lurking around every corner, Colombia will feature a unique gameplay experience with multiple paths to explore, unparalleled game depth and countless interactive possibilities for players. 

HITMAN 2 will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC beginning 13 November 2018

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