PUBG Cosplay at the Lenovo Legion Stand – Comic Con Africa

PUBG Cosplay at the Lenovo Legion

Stylish on the outside but savage on the inside with PUBG Cosplay

Nidia Harris is the name that comes to mind for us when we think of all things costume and cosplay. Two years ago we interviewed her at rAge and we decided to catch up with her this year at Comic-Con Africa. As we approached the Lenovo Legion stand it’s clear that she has put her creative hand to the costumes with the PUBG Cosplay.

PUBG was being played on the new Legion notebooks and the games were streamed to screens above the players.  Nidia has brought the characters off the screen into real life by dressing promoters in PUBG Cosplay complete with the PUBG helmets.

PUBG Cosplay

Using the Lenovo Legion caption “Stylish on the outside but savage on the inside” as a brief, she created two savage warriors! They have superhero powers that bring lots of attention to the stand and we watched as people waited to take photos with them.

This year she has embraced the cosplay elements of costume design and combined it with her signature light up pieces that first caught our eye. These pieces took many hours of love to create but the results are amazing. When asked how long it would take to make them Nidia simply says. “Don’t try this at home.”

Please be sure to go check out her page on Facebook and Instagram @Frock_royalty to see more of her creations.

Since the 90’s Boris has delved into the video game universe battled demons, saved soldiers and has emerged most cases.

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