Call of Duty’s Blackout now has an interactive map 🗺️


Not only is Call of Duty Black Ops 4 a multiplayer success, But Blackout also is one of the best Battle Royale modes at the moment and one of the fans of the franchise has actually made an interactive map for the mode and it is available online via, note this is an unofficial website and not affiliated with Treyarch or Activision. This is a very detailed map that allows you to see possible spawn locations of vehicles, stash, dark ops, and mystery crates. It also allows you to locate the best possible landing spots and fastest gear up routes before you actually head into the game.

As well as being a great way to strategise with the squad before heading into the field, you can filter what you’re looking for specifically with the tools on the map allowing you to place markers with labels, plot a route, add labels, and if you want to also draw a circle on any part of the map. Once you’ve created your squad plan you can share your map with them, giving them access to edit the current map together or if you do not trust them they can only view it.

You can see an example of one I created in the image below

Call of Duty Blackout now has an interactive map

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