Epic Games put kid’s Tender Defender skin design in Fortnite

Epic Games puts kids Tender Defender skin design in Fortnite

Winner Winner Chicken Skinner!

In the latest update of Fortnite, Epic Games released its new Chicken skin, the Tender Defender, which has been created at the request of the Fortnite subreddit but thanks to a parent who’s 8-year-old son drew a skin and he posted it on the subreddit which blew up and after two or so months of requests from the Fortnite community, the skin is finally available in the item shop.

According to the post, Connor had been asking his father to submit his chicken trooper suggestion for several months and fans in the Fortnite Subreddit loved the idea so much they created concept art of the skin, equipped with a glider, pick-axe and back bling design, which can be seen below. Connor’s Dad said he told the news to his son, who is “now sporting a permanent grin”. “Thanks to everyone on Reddit who made this possible,” he posted on Reddit. “You guys made me the coolest Dad alive.”  Epic Games puts kids Tender Defender skin design in Fortnite


Tender Defender (skin) – 1,500 v -bucks
Flappy Flyer (glider) 800 v-bucks
Scrambler (pickaxe) 500 v bucks

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