Mettlestate To Host WESG 2018-2019 South Africa Qualifiers


The World Electronic Sports Games (WESG), which is one of the biggest and prestigious international esports championship tournaments, will take place in China in March 2019. The prize pool for this tournament is $5.5 million ( R79 million), and the official qualifiers for South Africa will once again be hosted by Mettlestate.

WESG signed a three-year deal with Mettlestate who are the official liaison in South Africa

Barry Louzada, the co-founder of Mettlestate, is ecstatic to finally be able to share the news with the esports community, and is looking forward to how this partnership with WESG will further develop esports in South Africa.

“Access to international tournaments for South Africans have always been rare opportunities – and ones that are sorely needed if we want to get international experience and recognition. WESG have strict regulations when it comes to becoming an official partner, and Mettlestate has been working actively to meet all the requirements laid forth by WESG. After much work, sweat, long hours and many chats with WESG, we finally managed to secure the three-year partnership thanks to Mettlestate’ ongoing commitment to improvement and upping the esports ante in South Africa. This is awesome news for esports in South Africa as it means that there will be guaranteed WESG qualifiers in Africa for the next three years.”

Registrations open on 5 November and close on 11 November 2018.

Tournament dates:

  • 18 November – Round of 128
  • 19 November – Round of 64
  • 20 November – Round of 32
  • 21 November – Round of 16
  • 22 November – Round of 8
  • 23 November – Round of 4
  • 8 – 9 December: Finals Weekend

* Tournament dates are subject to change at Mettlestate’s discretion.

Titles that will be covered within these qualifiers are: Dota 2, CS:GO, Hearthstone and StarCraft II – with single elimination online qualifiers for all titles.

For the African qualifiers there will be $5 000 up for grabs:

  • $2 000 dollars to the first place winners in Dota 2
  • $2 000 dollars to the first place winners in CS:GO
  • $500 dollars to the Hearthstone winner
  • $500 dollars to the StarCraft 2 winner

It is worth noting Dota 2 players will have to go one extra-step and take on the North-African winners in order to obtain their spot for the finals in China.

In addition to that, winner’s will also be getting flights and accommodation to China, for the WESG finals in March 2019, where they’ll compete for their glory and the prize pool.

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