Paramount made a browser game to promote Bumblebee

Paramount made a browser game to promote Bumblebee

To promote the release of the film here is a Bumblebee game

To accompany the release in the cinemas of Bumblebee which is scheduled to release in just under a month on 21 December, Paramount has created a fun game themed around the movie which is directly accessible via your browser, titled Adventures of Bumblebee

The game can be tested by visiting the website and see if you can level up to save earth before the Decepticons take over!

Movie Background

Shot by Travis Knight, Bumblebee sees the participation of Hailee Steinfeld, wrestler John Cena and Jorge Lendeborg (Spider-Man: Homecoming). It is 1987 and Bumblebee, during his flight, finds refuge in a landfill in a small seaside city of California. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), at the age of 18 and looking for her place in the world, finds Bumblebee, scarred and unusable. When Charlie revives him, he immediately realizes that it is not a normal VW beetle.

Below are some of the in-game visuals



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