ATLAS Is sailing into review hell, launch is sinking fast!

ATLAS Is sailing into review hell, launch is sinking fast!

After it’s debut at The Game Awards, ATLAS was sold to us as a new survival pirate MMO which would feature 40,000 players on a server and was supposed to be the direct competitor to Sea of Thieves however the game originally was supposed to release on 11 December but it has been delayed over four times already and is nowhere near ready to compete with Sea of thieves.

The developers have launched the “content creator only” private server for those content creators who can actually get into the game. The bombardment of negative reviews on Steam keep coming with some players warning not to play the game in its current state as it is just a reskin of Ark that is somehow WORSE than Ark.

What is even more damning for the developers of Atlas is a streamer who managed to showcase a hidden button on the menu, moving  down the menu that takes you to the Ark menu, see below

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We know game launches can sometimes have issues and various delays however this has been the worst launch of an early access game in recent memory. Some of the reviewers are using the recommended/positive rating on steam to send a more comedic message while others are downright lambasting the developers for even thinking this was anywhere near ready 🙁


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