Fortnite Season 7: Infinity Blade, how to use the Sword & win

Fortnite Season 7: Infinity Blade, how to use the Sword & win

The new Infinity Blade is powerful

In the recent Fortnite 7.01 update Epic Games has added a new weapon to the Battle Royale, The Infinity Blade, this melee weapon can only be used by one person as there is only one sword in the game map and is always strictly positioned at Polar Peak, the new snow-covered area introduced with Season 7 . So to use the Sword you have to be as fast as possible in order to unlock the weapon. The blade has enormous powers, for those that manage to wield it can almost guarantee a kill in one swing. Here is how the Infinity Blade works, it can destroy all the structures with a single hit, the primary attack deals 75 points of damage, the secondary attack consists of a long-distance jump with a crash to the ground.

The Infinity Blade also provides important bonuses to the user like increase health and shields up to 200 points, regenerate health and shield by 1 point per second, donate 50 health points to each elimination and increase the speed of movement of the player by 130%. Let’s be honest here if you wield this blade you are almost guaranteed the Victory Royale and unless Epic downgrade some of its abilities and perks this will cause a rift in the Fortnite community.

Fortnite Season 7: Infinity Blade, how to use the Sword & win

Infinity Blade Patch Notes

  • This Mythic melee weapon can be found on Polar Peak.
  • Primary Fire delivers a powerful sword slash. It deals big damage to enemies and destroys structures in one blow (75 damage to players).
  • Alternate Fire allows the player to leap great distances, destroying objects in its path. Upon landing, it delivers damage and a knock-up to nearby players (25 damage).
  • The first player to pull the Infinity Blade from its pedestal will be instantly healed to full Health and Shields.
  • If a player picks up the Infinity Blade, all other inventory items aside from building materials will be dropped.
  • When the wielder of the Infinity Blade picks up an item (aside from building materials), the Infinity Blade will be dropped.
  • The Infinity Blade will be dropped when the wielder is knocked out or eliminated.
  • Only one Infinity Blade will appear per match.

The wielder of the sword is also granted additional abilities:

  • An increased pool of max Health and Shields (200 Health/200 Shields).
  • Regeneration of effective Health over time up to max Health and Shields (1 HP per second).
  • An instant burst of effective Health upon elimination of an enemy (50 HP).
  • Increased movement speed (130%).

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