Just Cause 4 – Here is What You Need to Know

Just Cause 4 Everything You Need to Know

Get yourself ready for Just Cause 4

December looks set to be an explosive one with the action-packed launch of Just Cause 4. The open-world series from Avalanche Studios launches next week on 3 December for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and here’s everything you need to know about Just Cause 4 ahead of its launch.

Finding Solace in Solís

In Just Cause 4 as with previous titles will involve the ever charismatic protagonist Rico Rodriguez, but this time you will be sent to a new South American country, Solís. According to the developers at Avalanche Studios the country of Solís was mainly inspired by Peru, Bolivia, and sections of Argentina.  The open world map is the largest in the series and features gorgeous landmarks, rain forests, inner cities and temples that will leave you in awe until you destroy them in your pursuit of stopping the Black Hand.

Rico will once again square off against the Black Hand mercenary group, but this time the antagonist is the army’s leader, Gabriella Morales. The Black Hand has appeared in Just Cause, Just Cause 3 and now Just Cause 4 but this time it’s getting a little more personal. Not only is the Black Hand scattered all over Solis, but it is also confirmed that this is the militia’s homeland. The pursuit of the Black Hand will start a chain reaction that helps Rico uncover the hidden truths about his father.

The Weather just got extreme!

One of my favourite features in Just Cause 4 has to be its weather system, sometimes striking at the worst time when you are in the middle of combat, which means you’re likely to get caught up in a variety of extreme weather events. The scale is endless from tornadoes, blizzards, sandstorms to the over the top lightning storms where you can use the events to your advantage. Not only can the Tornadoes help Rico vault into the air, but the lightnig storms will also help you take out a number of enemies as well. As with most weather systems, you cant have all weather systems hitting at once and therefore each weather system is tied to a certain biome.

Since the map is so large and the weather treacherous you will find the world full of sports cars, construction vehicles, planes, micro-jets, Rico’s signature grappling hook, and wing suit, these will help you move around the map with ease.

For the first time in the Just Casue series you will be able to customise your weapons and various other useful items Rico uses on the daily basis including the grappling hook, you can mod it with tethers and air lifters making it possible to create a grappling position at almost any time. Each weapon in the game has a secondary set of ammunition that players can use to destroy infrastructure and blow everything to smithereens. The customisation options are endless and gives players the freedom to create as much damage to the enemies as they see fit.

Avalanche Studios has confirmed that Just Cause 4 has an expansion pass for $30 that includes three DLC packs. The first one is Daredevils and  expected to launch in early 2019 and looks to have more of racing and wild stunts included. The second piece of DLC, Los Demonios (The Demons), could have literal demons causing havoc in Solís as shown in the trailer, the people and animals are running away from something while traffic is a t a stand still. The third and final expansion, Danger, also known as Agency Strikes Back has Rico face new enemies and find new weapons and technology as he fights The Agency that Rico worked for during the events of Just Cause and Just Cause 2.

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