Nintendo suing California Man For Selling Hacked Consoles

Nintendo suing California Man For Selling Hacked Systems

Ohhhh. Mamma Mia!

Nintendo over the last year has taken a strong stance against piracy of their games and hardware. There fight continues and this time Nintendo is taking legal action against a man from Orange County, California in the United States. He has allegedly been selling hacked consoles, pirated versions of the company’s games which is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Mikel Euskaldunak has reportedly been selling modified services for the Switch, allowing users to play unauthorised games. He’s also been selling hacked NES Classic Mini preloaded with 800 pirated titles and selling them above the retail price. In addition to direct copyright infringement, Nintendo believes Euskaldunak and “countless” other currently unnamed defendants are encouraging users to infringe the company, which also makes them liable for contributory copyright infringement.

Nintendo is seeking damages as well as the defendants’ profits, which are currently unknown. Otherwise, Nintendo says it is entitled to $150,000 for each copyright infringed.

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