Michael “axtremes” Harmse is a Counterstrike: Global Offensive commentator, analyst, desk host and interviewer. Michael lives and breathes CSGO and esports. He is dedicated to growing esports in South Africa, one tournament, article and stream at a time.

Shase on the MSI rAge Champions Quake Tournament

It’s rAge Expo 2018 weekend and with it comes esports. Perhaps not the usual CS:GO or Dota 2 that you might be expecting however. That all happened at Comic Con Africa just a few weeks ago. Rather, it’s MSI coming up clutch with the second edition of their own Quake Champions tournament. The MSI Quake Champions Duel Cup at Rush was a very slick event and the biggest Quake tournament the local comm...[Read More]

pnd of Energy Academy on their VS Masters Title

At the start of the year, Energy Esports, the most dominant CS:GO team of 2017 was excluded from VS Gaming’s prestigious Masters league, apparently due to an administrative error. Personally, I’ve never believed in fairy tales. We all thought that was the end of the powerhouse MGO’s ambitions for VS Masters this year. As it turned out, fairy tales are indeed possible, even in the real world. The f...[Read More]

Sol on winning the VS Gaming Championship (CS:GO) First time lucky

With VS Gaming’s Masters tournament stealing the majority of the esports limelight at Comic Con Africa, there wasn’t as much fanfare around the rest of the numerous tournaments VS were running at the same time. The VS Gaming League LAN Championships included nine different esports, each with their own generous prize pools. Along with Dota 2, CS:GO was represented both on the Masters stages a...[Read More]

Energy CS:GO needs to move overseas

The Energy CS:GO side utterly dominated the second half of the local scene last year. They started by comprehensively beating SA’s number one side Bravado Gaming at Rush Esports 2017 in a best of five Final on LAN. Energy then one-upped their own achievement by becoming the African Champions in ESL Africa Season Two Finals at rAge. They beat North Africa’s best in and then vanquished ...[Read More]

Energy eSports ascending

If you’re a South African esports fan, you’ve definitely heard of Energy eSports. Their exploits are well-known in the various esports titles, whether it be in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Call of Duty or any other title you care to mention. By exploits, I mean they are a multi-gaming organization (MGO) that knows how to win. Speaking about winning, let’s delve a bit into their rather...[Read More]

Rush Esports from the axtremes POV

I tend to write quite a variety of content here on GameNation for my weekly article. There have been many pieces on Counter-Strike and Bravado Gaming. I’ve done guides to casting and correct microphone choice. You’ve seen the pieces covering less well-known esports like Sim Racing. Articles about events. Previews of upcoming events. All sorts of content. My thanks to the GameNation team for giving...[Read More]

Counter-Strike, Quake, anniversaries & Rush Esports

Quake and Counter-Strike both shared their own respective milestones in the past week. It was a combined birthday week for esports’ two most venerable competitive titles. The games that started it all for PC esports at the end of the previous century will both be on show this weekend at Rush Esports Quaking and shaking On 22 June 1996, the very first game in what would become the Quake series was ...[Read More]

Guide to USB mics for content creators, streamers & casters

What on earth does a CS:GO commentator and esports journalist know about audio equipment? Quite a lot as it turns out. I have several years of experience in the audio industry under my belt. I am a former brand manager for Audio-Technica and Electro-Voice for Southern Africa. Both names are legendary brands in the microphone world. I feel I’m pretty well qualified to talk about this subject, both ...[Read More]

Leveling up South African CS:GO

South Africa is an island in esports terms. We are isolated from the rest of the world. It turns out that geography can be a real source of annoyance, even outside of high school. This means that in most games requiring fast reaction times and pinpoint accuracy, SA players are going to suffer with high ping and lag problems. The sheer distance and the volumes of ocean and landmass between ourselve...[Read More]

The long wait is over for more SA esports tournaments

After a very slow start to the year for South African esports, it seems like things are finally starting to happen. I think to call it a very slow start fails to adequately describe its sheer lack of motion. Glacial. Excruciating uneventful. Those might be more appropriate. Never fear friends, both Rush and Mettlestate are here. The first half of 2018 Let’s take a quick inventory of the esports ev...[Read More]

The rise of Sim Racing – From Formula 1 to Assetto Corsa

Sim Racing. Is it really an esport? Of course it is! While this entire genre of esports games doesn’t often get mentioned in the context of South African esports, it’s on a big upward curve internationally. As a lifelong motor racing enthusiast, I find it fascinating. Let’s take a look at how it is faring internationally and then put the focus on the local Sim Racing scene by talking to hometown h...[Read More]

South Africa’s best young CS:GO Players

Actually, a more appropriate title would be: here’s three young South African CS:GO players that I think are really good and therefore so should you. It turns out websites don’t like such long titles. So, I had to go with something a bit more snappy that perhaps gives the wrong impression. This isn’t some list where I’m ranking players from the best on down. It’s just an opinion piece where I put ...[Read More]

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