Tyron Armstrong

Tyron is better known as Odly Otter online. He is fluent in geek and will tell anyone who will listen about his fandoms. He grew up on consoles and LAN's and played anything he could get his hands on. He wants you to know that the sun is a monster so you should just stay inside and play games instead. He is a pretty friendly guy, offering free hugs and High-fives if you meet him in person or you could just say Hi on twitter :)

Throwback Thursday Gaming – 1st game with a cheat? 1977

Starship 1 – First game with a cheat?  To cheat is using non-standard methods to create an advantage or disadvantage beyond normal gameplay, in order to make the game easier or harder Greetings traveler! Welcome to another Throwback Thursday, step into our gaming Tardis as we travel to 1977. We are now in the era of arcades and we are focusing on one particular arcade game known as Starship ...[Read More]

Throwback Thursday In Gaming History – Era Of Arcades

Welcome dear reader, to another…Throwback Thursday’s in gaming history! For those of you who haven’t been here before. Hi!, We do this once a month where we share interesting stuff from the world of gaming past. As we talk about the history of video gaming we do need to recognize the influence of the magical place most of us refer to as the arcade. Just thinking about arcades brings to mind ...[Read More]

Throwback Thursday In Gaming History – Tennis for Two

The internet is always buzzing with reviews and release information for the latest games on the market and here at gamenationsa.com we love talking about that stuff too. But we also like to talk about where gaming has come from. So we now introduce to you our Throwback Thursday’s in gaming history. You know, to remember the good ole days. This week’s throwback goes waaaaay back. All the way back t...[Read More]

The Matrix Maverick Challenge & the Road To Pro Final

This past Saturday, (16 September 2017) the finals of the CSGO Matrix Maverick Challenge were held in partnership with Mettlestate. This event was also referred to by the hashtag #roadtopro because the biggest difference between this CSGO event and the others is this event was for the underdogs. Matrix Warehouse and Mettlestate set this event up with a focus on lesser known teams in the SA eSports...[Read More]

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