Batman: Arkham Collection trilogy available for Xbox One

Last week there were rumours and reports suggesting that a new collection of Batman: Arkham games was coming to Xbox One, complete with 4K support. Well, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb confirme...[Read More]

Starbreeze struggles with Overkill’s The Walking Dead sales

Sales seem to be infected 😬 Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a four-player co-op shooter that launched three weeks ago and has failed to make much of an impact even during this frenzy of B...[Read More]

Red Dead Online Beta starts for Ultimate Edition Users

News on the Red Dead Online beta has finally arrived after the original announcement that the beta launch was scheduled to arrive by the end of November.  Even though the Beta will start tomorrow  27 ...[Read More]

Xbox South Africa Reveal Xbox One Cyber Monday Deals

While Black Friday may be over, Cyber Monday has some new deals but many of the deals have rolled over from one sales event into the other & as new ones appear they will be added below. You will be ab...[Read More]

Epic Games put kid’s Tender Defender skin design in Fortnite

Winner Winner Chicken Skinner! In the latest update of Fortnite, Epic Games released its new Chicken skin, the Tender Defender, which has been created at the request of the Fortnite subreddit but than...[Read More]

When Obi-Wan will be playable in Star Wars Battlefront II

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…  When Star Wars Battlefront II launched a year ago, fans of the franchise have been waiting for one of the biggest characters to be playable and finally...[Read More]

Xbox South Africa Reveal Xbox One Black Friday 2018 Deals

Xbox South Africa and Prima Interactive have revealed some console busting deals and savings for anyone looking for an Xbox One in 2018. Deals are ONLY available on Black Friday, You will be able to p...[Read More]

Razer Thresher Xbox One Review

Razer continues to improve the Thresher line Razer’s Thresher headset uses the Xbox Wireless protocol to connect directly to your Xbox One completely free of USB cables, dongles, or base station...[Read More]

Next Overwatch Patch Requires a Full Reinstall of the Game

Blizzard announced that their upcoming major patch for Overwatch requires players to reinstall the full game, and yes Blizzard stated it is for all platforms. A note on Blizzard’s forum explains that ...[Read More]

International Consumer Electronics Expo South Africa 2018

  The International Consumer Electronics Expo South Africa (ICEE SA 2018) is back for the second year and is set to showcase cutting edge technology as well as provide an opportunity to make connectio...[Read More]

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